Kitset Hen Houses

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Outpost Chicken Coops are built to last and look great!

Aside from the obvious benefit of enjoying delicious fresh eggs, having chickens in your own back yard provides delightful entertainment and free pest & weed control.  If you grow your own vegetables the manure mixed with compost is a great supplement for your garden.

Keeping chickens is easy, anyone can do it.  All they need to thrive is a dry, draft free shelter with clean, fresh water and suitable food.

Outpost Chicken Coops are sold as an easy to assemble kitset – Freight FREE kitset delivery to your nearest transport depot!*

The messy part is cleaning out your coop. Outpost coops are uniquely built on skids making it easy to move away if the chickens free range in a farmyard. For backyard husbandry we recommend a thick plastic liner on the floor with a generous topping of sawdust. Cleaning is done in a jiffy by removing the liner and soiled sawdust onto your compost heap, hosing it down and replacing it inside the coop with fresh bedding.
*Rural delivery costs extra, please call to confirm pricing.

Outpost kitset hen houses are built on sturdy skids for easy relocation and efficient cleaning out.
We do not recommend a timber floor unless you are building on sloping ground and this requires mounting the coop on piles.
Timber floors encourage rodents and burrowing predators. Best practice is to pour a concrete inside the framing if you are not going to move the coop, or get a plastic tarpaulin with topping of pine shavings as bedding.

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