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How to keep Rodents out of your Hen House

Written by Outpost Buildings on May 4th, 2019.      0 comments

Rodent season is upon us. This year is predicted to be particularly bad for rodents because most of the country has had a good summer and there’s been plenty of food around for rats and mice.

Click here for five easy tips to help keep rodents out of your hen house >



Written by Outpost Buildings on March 9th, 2017.      0 comments

Chickens are affected by dropping temperatures & the change in day light hours during Autumn. Most hens will moult during late summer or early Autumn.

Keeping Warm

Chickens have a natural way of keeping warm and in general, most chickens tend to be cold hardy enough for NZ conditions. Chickens can actually handle the cold of winter better than the heat of summer. They have an instinct to fluff their feathers to keep warm. They also have the natural instinct to roost together.

Some people choose to heat their hen house over winter. Many argue that a heated coop is not only a fire hazard, but also not healthy for chickens. Their bodies may not easily adjust to the drastic temperature change inside and outside of the coop.

Also, remember that heating the coop can increase moisture. Too much moisture inside the coop can cause illness or frostbite to your flock.

We recommend that if you have an Outpost Hen House that you reposition it so that it is facing away from the prevailing wind during the winter months.


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