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Collect, clean and store your eggs right!

Written by Outpost Buildings on August 1st, 2017.      0 comments

Fresh eggs is a great reason to have backyard chickens.

But your fresh eggs could be dangerous to eat if you don't collect, clean, and store them right.
Most chicken coops are not the cleanest places on earth. They're full of dirt, poop, and things your eyes can't see: bacteria.
If you don't clean and store your eggs right, they could bring nasty bugs into your kitchen and could harm your other foods and your health.
For that reason, follow this guide to make sure your eggs are safe to eat.

Collecting your fresh eggs from the coop

Check your coop at least twice a day for eggs. Once in the morning, and once in the evening. For larger flock, you may want to check at least three times a day.
But why that often?
Eggs are fragile and bacteria can easily enter the skin if there's the slightest crack on it. The longer you leave them, the higher possibility of your eggs becoming cracked.
But that's not the only reason.
Your own chickens may eat them.
Chickens, like humans, like to eat eggs (yes, even their own!). This can become a bad habit for your hens…they'll eat the egg as soon as its layed.
You also don't want your eggs to get poopy, even if you can clean them.




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