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Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions please call us on 0800 688 767 or email 
Topics covered:
What is the cost of freight?    
What tools do I need?    
Where can I view Outpost Buildings?
Colorsteel options
How easy are they to assemble?
Fully priced catalogue
High wind building sites
Building materials
What size trailer do I need to pick up my kitset?
How much do the kitset buildings weigh?
Product Guarantee
Custom design options
Building Consents
Not able to assemble immediately
What is the cost for freight?
Freight is free NZ wide to our nearest transport depot. Outpost uses Peter Baker Transport (PBT) for deliveries and there are many depots nationwide - call us & we'll tell you where the closest one to you is - call 0800 688 767.
Rural deliveries direct to your site also available, POA call us for a quote, prices vary depending on where you are.
Where is my closest transport depot?
All Outpost kitsets are sent from our Auckland or Timaru Dispatch Centres to your nearest PBT Freight depot.
Click here to find your closest PBT depot  
What tools do I need?
To assemble your Outpost kitset building you will need:
  • Level and Square
  • Heavy duty (min 18kw) Battery Impact Driver & Drill
  • Square Drive Bit (we supply a tek screw & hex head bit)
  • Hammer & nail punch
  • Spanner or socket set (for bolts)
  • Tape measure & builders pencil
  • Ladder, tin snips & gloves for handling iron
  • Circular or Handsaw for larger buildings
Is there anywhere I can view a building?
Outpost Buildings supply factory direct kitsets nationwide.  We have a very large range of buildings however we do not often have display buildings at our Silverdale and Timaru offices. A wide range of photos and renders are available on request from our many happy customers. Check our our testimonials page.
What are the Colorsteel options?
Zincalume (Silver colour) is the standard roof cladding on all our kitsets. For durability and aesthetic reasons you can upgrade to any colour from the Colorsteel Endura range for an extra cost. Click here to see the color range on the NZ Steel website.
How easy are they to assemble?
Outpost DIY kitsets are very straight forward to assemble. 1 person with basic building skill required plus a helper at times, low building height & step-by-step instructions. Example: small hen house or small calf shelter.

DIY Large Kitsets require 2 people with basic building skills to assemble them, some parts are heavy. Step-by-step instructions supplied. Example: large hen house, paddock shelter or wood shed.

Advanced Kitsets have a slightly more complicated process. 2 - 3 people required with good building skills for assembly, some parts are heavy. Example: large garden shed or large stable with tack shed.

For our larger and custom designed shelters and stables we recommend using a builder to assemble the kitset. 
Does your catalogue include pricing?
Yes it does! We have a fully priced catalogue. Email us now and we will post or email you a copy.
We are in a high wind zone …
All Outpost buildings are exceptionally well designed and we pay particular attention to specific design details like the size of timber used in the building structure and framing connections so the building will withstand very high winds and heavy snow loadings.
Wall and roof claddings are made from only the most quality materials for durability purposes.
Ground anchors are recommended to secure your building in high wind areas - please enquire for more info.
Are they made from treated timber?

Yes, all buildings are manufactured from sustainably grown NZ pine. All exterior framing is treated to the appropriate level for durability.

What is the roof made of?
Roof cladding is typically .04mm Zincalume or Colorsteel corrugated iron
What are the walls made of?
Wall cladding is typically treated plywood with treated timber battens over the wall joins. Wall cladding varies in thickness depending on the size and use of the building.
Can I pick up my kitset with a trailer?
This depends on the length of the building, for smaller buildings (i.e up to 3.6 mtrs long) a standard 2.4 metre trailer is OK, and for medium buildings (up to 4.8 metres long) a tandem trailer or similar is required. We recommend a truck for large kitsets (6 mtrs + long).
Because of the weight of the kitsets a forklift is usually required to load the buildings onto your trailer.

How much does a kitset pack weigh?
Depending on the size of the building, anything from 150kg for a small chicken coop up to 1500kgs + for a large horse stable + tackroom kitset. Kitsets need to be loaded onto trailers with a forklift and then you can unpack the kitset once on your site. Please take care when lifting heavy parts.
Do you have a Guarantee?
We guarantee the quality of all kitset components and kitset prefabrication done in our workshops. If any components are damaged when the kitset arrives we will replace them.
All buildings are available in kitset.
The corrugated iron or Colorsteel cladding on Outpost kitsets also has a 10 year manufacturers quality guarantee.

Faulty Materials Policy: in the event of any kitset components proving to be faulty we will cover replacement of faulty materials providing we are advised within 12 months of purchase, however we do not guarantee any components that have not been assembled as timber is a living natural material and can move and warp if not secured in position.
Can I make changes to the design?
Outpost buildings include optional upgrades you can choose from when placing your order e.g. Colorsteel and clearlight roof panels, floor kits and gate enclosures. Some of our larger buildings and stable designs can be customised to suit your requirements!
If the building does not quite fit my requirements, can I make changes while I am doing the assembly?
All Outpost buildings have been carefully designed for structural integrity. If you choose to alter the design without careful consideration, the structure could be weakened.
However, installing things like extra wall enclosures, gates and flooring is certainly possible during assembly. We recommend you refer to an experienced builder or call an Outpost design technician before attempting this.
Do your relocatable buildings require a consent?
It depends on the type of building and its intended use. Getting consent for a relocatable animal shelter or storage shed in some cases is not required and sometimes you can apply for a certificate of exemption due to its intended use.
Size of building, proximity to boundaries and interference with neighbouring properties are some considerations that influence whether you need a consent or not. For more information contact your local Council for information on whether a consent is required.
I am not able to assemble immediately, how long can I store my kitset for?
We recommend you assemble your kitset within 30 days of delivery, as timber by its very nature will move and warp if not secured in position. If you are not able to, keep it covered and out of sunlight and direct heat.
We do not guarantee any components for longer than 90 days from delivery if the kitset has not been assembled.
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