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Horse Shelters & Stalls


For the comfort & safety of your horses

Take a look at our wide range of Horse Shelters and Stables. Outpost Horse Stalls, Paddock Shelters and Stables are strong and designed to last the test of time. Most of our designs are relocatable so if you move properties you can take your buildings with you.

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Small Horse Shelter
$3,895.00 $3,725.00 Save $170.00 incl GST
Medium Horse Shelter
$5,130.00 $4,935.00 Save $195.00 incl GST
Large Paddock Shelter
$6,840.00 $6,590.00 Save $250.00 incl GST
Extra Large Paddock Shelter
$7,720.00 $7,420.00 Save $300.00 incl GST
Hunter Paddock Shelter Small
Hunter Single Stall
Hunter Paddock Shelters
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Hunter Large Paddock Shelters
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Outpost’s range of buildings for horses include horse paddock shelters, stables, stalls, tack rooms & undercover yards.

Timber stables vs steel stables

Timber construction over steel for stables is highly recommended for horses because they are warmer, more durable and less noisy. Horses are prone to fright and steel clad sheds are noisy in the wind/rain.

Relocatable Horse Stables

Relocatable paddock shelters are preferable as they can be moved to fresh ground when required in order to maintain the good standard and cleanliness of the ground in the stable area. They are also great for people who lease land for grazing because you can take your building with you if you leave!
Ground Anchoring is recommended for extra security in high wind areas – click here for more information on ground anchors.

Horse stable flooring

Needs to be non-slip and should be designed to direct liquid effluent away from the animal accommodation. Where dirt stable floors are used, an even surface must be maintained by regularly filling holes which may develop or by using a relocatable stable design that allows you to move the shelter to fresh flat ground on a regular basis.

How high do Horse Shelters need to be?

All Outpost Horse Shelters have been designed with the horses and handlers safety in mind. Outpost Stable designs feature clearspan interiors with apex heights ranging from 2.8m to 3.8m. The Settler and New Hunter Stables are our highest designs.

Stable lighting & drafts

There should be adequate lighting to permit the inspection and safe handling of animals. Outpost Stables come with clearlite roof strips to let natural light inside. There should be no drafts at floor level. Outpost Stables have PVC draft stoppers around the base to prevent such drafts.
Outpost Buildings are supporters of the
Wilson Sisters and their efforts to save
and train wild Kaimanawa horses.
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