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Shelter with tackroom


Shelter for your horses & storage for tack equipment and feed - all in one building

Your tack room and equipment will always be handy. These Horse Shelters with tack shed attached are available in a wide range of sizes, with optional timber gates & rails. Tack rooms all have solid plywood flooring, a clear roof strip for interior lighting, strong pre-made timber doors with galvanized hinges & padbolts.
Pony Shelter with double tackroom
$6,985.00 $6,535.00 Save $450.00 incl GST
Horse Shelter with single tack shed
$9,810.00 $9,300.00 Save $510.00 incl GST
Hunter Shelter with double tack shed
Enquire for price
Horse Shelter with Double tack shed
$10,495.00 $9,545.00 Save $950.00 incl GST
Horse Shelter with centre tackroom
$11,495.00 $10,595.00 Save $900.00 incl GST
Large Horse Shelter with Double Tackshed
Enquire for price
Large Horse Shelter with Tackshed
$10,865.00 $9,965.00 Save $900.00 incl GST
Settler 3 Bay Stable
Enquire for price
Pioneer Barn with Stall & Tackshed
Enquire for price
Settler 2 Bay Stable with tack shed
Enquire for price
Settler Stable with tack shed
Enquire for price
Hunter Custom Designed Stables
Enquire for price
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