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Kitset Hen Houses

Strong Kitset Hen Houses that will last the test of time!

  • Relocatable designs - can be dragged around your block
  • Chicken doors for free-ranging
  • Person height doors for easy access inside
  • Kitsets delivered nationwide

Available in a great range of sizes to suit the size of your flock small or large.

Shanty Hen House
1 Bay Hen House
2 Bay Hen House
3 Bay Hen House
4 Bay Hen House

4 Bay Hen House

6 Bay Hen House

6 Bay Hen House

16 Bay Chicken Coop
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Poultry Pecker Treat
Chooketeria Auto Hen Feeder
Feed-O-Matic Hen Feeder
Poultry 5kg Feeder
Water Font

Water Font


Outpost Hen Houses are super strong!

Outpost Hen Houses/Chicken Coops are very strong with high quality timber frames and skids, exterior grade plywood walls and corrugated iron cladding. Designed to last the test of time.

Outpost kitsets come complete with high quality parts that are pre-cut and ready to assemble with step-by-step kitset instructions.

Freight FREE kitset delivery to your nearest transport depot!*

Outpost delivers kitset buildings nationwide to our transport depots. From there you can pick your kitset up with a trailer. Rural deliveries are also available at an extra cost POA. Click here for more information on Kitset Delivery.
Outpost Hen Houses are skid mounted for easy relocation
Timber slat floors are an optional extra.



Keeping chickens tips & tricks

Aside from the obvious benefit of enjoying delicious fresh eggs, having chickens in your back yard provides delightful entertainment and free pest and weed control.  If you grow your own vegetables, chicken manure mixed with compost is a great supplement for your garden.
Keeping chickens is easy, anyone can do it.  All they need to thrive is a dry, draft free shelter with clean, fresh water and suitable food.

The messy part is cleaning out your house. Outpost hen houses are uniquely built on skids making it easy to move away if the chickens free range in a farmyard. For backyard husbandry we recommend a thick plastic liner on the floor with a generous topping of sawdust. Cleaning is done in a jiffy by removing the liner and soiled sawdust onto your compost heap, hosing it down and replacing it inside the house with fresh bedding.

Outpost also sell Water Fonts & Pellet Feeders for your hens - click here to view all our Hen House accessories

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