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Kitset Shed Testimonials | Outpost Buildings

Backyard Wood Shed

BY303WD  3.6m x 1.9m x 2.5m high

"Hi Outpost,
Thank you for the awesome service on our purchase of a wood shed in Waitoki. The product was easy to assemble. When putting it together it is easy to see the quality and robustness of the product. We would highly recommend your products and will certainly use them again in the future.
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Upland Garden Shed

UR303GS 5.8m x 3.0m x 2.5m high

"Shed was easy to construct and all precut timber fitted very well. So well that my parents are going to get a shed/hut off you to put my mothers dolls in.
The upland shed was purchased to use as a all round shed next to our garage to store everything from prams to bikes to wheelbarrows.
We are very happy with it and will definitely be recommending Outpost Buildings to others.
Geordie & Frances"

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Upland Garden Shed

UR301GS 5.8m x 3.0m x 2.5m high

Hi Outpost,
"We have the shed finished and finally storing our garden gear inside it.
We found the shed easy to construct, with the plans supplied and we are happy to say that it looks great and gives us loads of room to store our gardening gear inside.
Regards from Craig"

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Wood Shelter

BY301WD 5.8m x 1.9m x 2.5m high
"Sorry for sending this late but due to bad weather it did sit in its packet for a few weeks! We just love it and the instructions were easy to follow, wood cut perfectly so we did find it easy to put together considering we are not builders by any means.
We have started on our other Outpost lock up shed which is coming together nicely and fingers crossed the weather is fine this weekend to complete it.
Thank you once again for great service, fantastic product, keep up the great work and we will be back as I am sure there are some other sheds / buildings that I would like on the property.
Kind regards Helen, Wellington"
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Small Garden Shed

BY304E 2.4m x 1.9m x 2.5m high

"Hi Outpost,
Here’s our shed, now finished and in use as a woodshed housing a small splitter and 2 meters of wood sourced from the Puhoi Axemen’s training night.
You will notice that we left the building paper off the rear wall up to the Clearlite sheet as we were concerned that it would be torn by the firewood. We put plywood on the rear wall under the iron to add strength and protect the iron from internal damage."

See the pictures to the right showing this shed.

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Borderland Shed

BDL301E 5.8m x 3.0m x 2.5m high

"Dear Outpost,
We recently purchased a shed from Outpost Buildings to house our two motorbikes.
It arrived on our property in kitset form and was built in three days by my husband who is not a builder but a good handyman.
We are very happy with the shed and would recommend Outpost to anyone requiring a good solid shed at a good price, with no fuss or bother.
This is the second shed we have purchased from Outpost, the first being an Upland Poultry shelter for our free range hens.
Thank you Outpost for all your help!"

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Wood Shed Testimonial

BY303WD – 1.8m x 1.9m x 2.0m high

"Hi Outpost,
Woohoo! I've got myself a brand new wood shed! I did a slight modification to the end bay so that I can hang my garden tools and store the wheelbarrow - plus I did all the wood stacking myself!!
I'll be delighted to show my shed to anyone that's interested and to highly recommend Outpost Buildings - your great customer serivce and quality product has made me a raving fan!
The open side of the shed is north facing so gets the sun beautifully; I can't get over how the wind (and rain direction) can swing through 360 degrees during the course of the day.
Warmest regards, Wendy"
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Upland Shed Testimonial

UR303GS – 3.6m x 3m x 2.5m high

"Hello Outpost,
Thanks for the email but I don't know if I could make my praise for this shed short. I absolutely love it. Not only is it the best looking shed around it is so solidly constructed, completely weather proof and wind proof that knew I wanted one as soon as I saw a picture of it.

It's the perfect size for my mowers, gardening equipment and because it's dry I also feel safe keeping other electrical garden tools in there too.
I decided not to hide it away at the back of my property but put it out in the middle of my orchard where it is easily accessible and the style makes a statement too. In fact I believe it adds to the gardens aesthetics.

My neighbours, we're all on just over 1 acre plots, have shown great interest watching it being put together. I've had inspection tours whilst men stood around with arms folded, solemnly nodding their heads and agreeing what a great shed, after much deliberating they then of course needed a cold beer to seal the deal.

I am a single woman so this was a big leap for them to come over and find out a woman could make such a good well informed choice. I had to laugh.
Thanks again for such a great shed I am so glad I invested in it.
Very best regards

Wood Shed Testimonial

UR101WD – 5.8m x 2.7m x 2.5m high

"Good morning Outpost team,
A couple of photos, probably not the best presentation but I can say the shed has been moved on its skids a couple of times as we have embarked on renovations.    
It was easy to erect, has a great shape for keeping the wood dry but allows good air flow to assist in seasoning.    We have a furnace for hot water radiators so it is important our wood storage is up to scratch, the locals like the shape and have commented favourably on the design.
Kind regards
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