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Livestock Shelter Testimonials

Livestock Shelter Testimonial

HMS203 3.6m x 1.9m x 2.0m high

Miniature Horse Shelter Shelter

Hi Outpost,
Here is my testimonial for the recent purchase of an Outpost Shelter for my miniature horse.
We found the kitset shed very straightforward to assemble with good instructions, no missing parts either.  The customer service during quoting, buying and delivery was excellent.  Most importantly my mini loves his new shelter.
Kind regards
Trina Scott

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Livestock Shelter

HMS203  3.6m x 1.9m x 2.0m high
"Hi Outpost,
As you can see the shed is up its looking good and thanks for the follow up.
Cheers Rika and Jan"

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Calf Shelter

BDL203  3.6m x 2.5m x 2.5m high
We purchased the Outpost Small Borderland Shelter and it arrived very promptly within the week to our rural lifestyle block without any drama’s.
The instructions were very clear for complete novice builders, with all items required provided;  step by step instructions and diagrams enabling complete novice builders to complete the building within the day without any issues.
We stood back proud of our well-built structure and awaited the arrival of our calves.
The structure provided complete shelter from the very strong prevailing south west wind to our calves who arrived at 10 days old. They were tucked up in their warm, dry, cosy home on a nice thick bed of untreated Macrocarpa Chips.
They were able to be fed inside the Outpost Small Borderland Shelter with their milk bucket and feed buckets attached to the inside of the Shelter. (Also very nice for the person feeding them is wet, windy weather.)
We were under the guidance of a very kind neighbouring dairy farmer who was amazed at how stress free, healthy, and happy our calves were inside their Outpost Small Borderland Shelter just eating and sleeping despite the raging storms, wind and rain outside.
In fact he asked if Outpost had a bigger model as he was looking for a new calve shed for his farm.
The calves never had a single set back and the Outpost Small Borderland Shelter made the care of them so easy.
Every week, (for the first 4 weeks), moving of the shed with the quad bike was simple and provided a clean dry  piece of land for the calves to remain on inside their shelter. Once the calves spent more time outside than inside we only move the Shelter once a month to provide them a clean, dry base and allow the grass under the Shelter to regenerate.
Neighbours stop to watch the “calves running around the paddock with  such joy and energy, enjoying life as calves should”.  However, the moment the rain is heavy or the cold south west wind gets stronger,  17 weeks later they still make their way back to the Outpost Small Borderland Shelter and tuck themselves up for a snooze.
Our kind dairy farmer neighbour has given our calves, (and us), a very big tick of approval, and a very laid back “well done, this is an example of when you do the right thing from the beginning: providing the calves a very warm, dry shelter to grow stress free, enabling them to utilise all their food into growth, not putting it into keeping warm.”
We plan to purchase and build a second Outpost Small Borderland Shelter.
Mishael & Auvea Logan
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Goat Shelter

HMS203 3.6m x 1.9m x 2.0m high
Hi Outpost,
Just to let you know we have finally (weather and work interrupted) finished putting my shelter together.  I am thrilled with it. We've added a ply front over 2/3 of it and we'll put a gate over the last 1/3 and hey presto! a house for my goat where he won't be bullied by the others!
We're quite pleased with ourselves. We certainly learned fast. And yes, now we've got the hang of it, it's quite likely we'll come back for another one.  Excellent product and packaging. Many thanks.

Kid Goat & Lamb Shelter

UR301 5.8m x 3m x 2.5m high
Our Outpost shelter was easy to assemble. Pre-cut precisely, everything fitted perfectly. Communications with the team was welcoming and professional and they couldn’t do enough to help us. We chose this shelter as it is solid in construction and will stand up to our high winds. It has not let us down. I sleep easy knowing that my kid goats and orphaned lambs are safe and dry. I would  definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of building a shed/ shelter.
thanks again
Bombay, Auckland

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Livestock Shelter with Shed

BY301TK1 5.8m x 1.9m x 2.5m high

If its versatility , a good product at great prices, then we recommend 'Outpost'.
An alpaca shelter with new tenants!! And a garden shed which doubles as a storage for the ride on!!
All this and the ability to move them to different sites !! ( no concerns on resource consents !!! ) Take our word on it 'Outpost' flexible buildings for all manner of uses !!!
Phil & Barbara McKernon

Pictured to the right is the BY301TK1 shelter with shed before it's wood stain and then after, in use with the alpacas.

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Farm Shelter Testimonial

UR101 5.8m x 2.74m x 2.5m high

Hi Outpost,

We have been impressed with all aspects of the building, from the delivery and packaging to the completed product.

It was fun to build with the fully dimensioned drawings making the assembly easy. The hardware package was more than generous.

Our framing up portion of the build was done on the workshop floor then the braced unit was towed outside for cladding.  The strength gain once the cladding was secured was massive and the tractor tow to the site easy.

The shape sits well in our valley and the unit far surpasses the ex hen house it replaces.  You’ll be pleased to note that the shelter has prompted neighbours to make complimentary comments.


Alan & Carol, Blenheim

The picture above show Alan & Carols new Upland Shelter with a 10 foot gate that they added themselves.

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Borderland Calf Shelter 

BDL203 3.6m x 2.5m x 2.1m high

Hi Outpost,

The kitset arrived at the Christchurch transport depot very quickly and my wife was able to pick it up with a small trailer – excellent delivery experience. Unpacked the kit and checked through the components which were all in good order and of high quality, being a novice builder the parts were unfamiliar but I managed to guess most.

I was able to erect the shelter single-handedly though a helper would have made jobs like standing up the truss assemblies a lot easier. Due to extremely inclement weather I decided to build the shelter inside a barn with a standard garage door opening from which I was able to carefully extract he shelter from on completion (see picture).

I have found the shelter extremely robust and easy to tow around the paddock on the skids provided. Its new tenants seem very satisfied with their abode and I have had no complaints of leaks or drafts. I will certainly be contacting Outpost for my next shelter or barn requirement and acknowledge the quality and robustness of their fine product.

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Borderland Pig House

BDL203 3.6m x 2.5m x 2.1m high

"Rachael and the team from Outpost were super easy to deal with, the pig sty we ordered ready assembled and the build quality of materials and workmanship is outstanding.

The sty is well designed giving light airy living for our piggy’s yet with all the shelter they require. And it’s easy to clean. We’ve had nothing but good comments from everyone that’s visited since we got our Outpost pig sty.”

Kind Regards,

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